Choosing Sandcastles

Call 01524 831932 to book a visit

* meet our team

* tour our facilities

* discuss your child's induction, start date and attendance options

Starting Sandcastles

Your child's first day at nursery is a big step.

There are plenty of practical things that you can do to help your child to feel prepared.



Phone Sandcastles to confirm your child’s attendance schedule & book your ‘settling in visit’.

At home start chatting positively about 'nursery'.


BEFORE NURSERY STARTS  establish a routine and ensure that your child's sleeping pattterns enables alertness.

Be practical – name labels on everything.

No Laces                Yes Wet weather coat

No Dungarees        Yes Safe sturdy shoes

Encourage your child to recognise his / her belongings.


WOULD YOU LIKE US TO VISIT YOU AT HOME? We are available to visit your home.  This can offer your child a chance to meet us whilst feeling most confident.  



During your child’s ‘settling in visit’ – encourage your child to play whilst you complete some paperwork (generally settling in visits last an hour).

Chat to our team. it's important to us that both you and your child feel 'at home here'.

Sandcastles staff will play gently alongside your child during the ‘settling in’ visit.  If your child prefers to watch and take it all in we will not pressure them to play. 

Please bring your PCHR 'red book' and the details of people you want Sandcastles to contact in case of an emergency to help you fill in our registration documents. 

If your child has already attended nursery / childminders please bring their learning folder to share with us.

Following your first 'settling in visit' you are welcome to book additional visits to help your child get into the swing of nursery life.


Help your child to hang their coat and bag in the porch.

Walk with your child into a play room we will have set out toys and activities that your child showed an interest in during their settling in visits.  Walk over to one of these activities & guide your child to start playing or to hold onto an adults hand so he / she can feel reassured whilst watching.

With a big smile and a hug, say good bye, tell your child when you will be back and walk away.  You might like to wait out of sight to set your mind at ease that your child is not too distressed -  give your child a few minutes to find something interesting / distracting before rushing to the rescue. 

Double check you have nursery's phone number and call us as often as you want to check your child is enjoying their first day, you can then decide if you want to collect your child a little early.


When you collect your child our team will let you know what your child has been doing & may have some photos of the day ready for you to chat over at home.

If you are lucky you might have the chance to watch your child playing before he/she has noticed that you have arrived.

As you greet your child keep phrasing positive “lots of fun today?” is more supportive than “have you missed me?”






You are always welcome in Sandcastles, staff are available to share information at the start or end of everyday, however our priority is the welfare and interests of children as such we aim to keep day to day adult conversations brief.  Whenever you wish to have a longer chat with your child’s key person / Helen or Judith please either phone us or mention this as you drop your child off in the morning and we’ll make time to meet with you the same day.

Your child’s online learning journal gives you a glimpse into their nursery life.  Each entry in your child’s online learning journal has a comments section where you are able to share feedback with our team.  You are also able to share events using your child’s journal by adding photo’s, notes and stories from home, trips out or holidays.  We are happy to set up additional log in accounts for Grandparents and any other familiy / friends you would like to share your child's nursery life with.

Volunteering – if you or your family have a spare hour and a skill or hobby you would like to share please let us know (baking, gardening, painting, fishing, motor biking).  Visitors are a source of excitement and pleasure in nursery.  



Your child’s first day is just the start of a happy, successful nursery & school career, please recall how long it takes to feel ‘at home’ after moving house, ‘part of the team’ in a new job.  Together we will support your child to make the most of their Sandcastles years.