Our Beach school sessions run every week year round and are available at no additional charge to preschool children booked to attend on Monday DAY sessions.  We invite the same group of children each week for term long blocks to enable children to fully experience the changing environment.  Our Beach School sessions are led by Helen Baines our specialist Marine Biologist, Beach School leader.
Sandcastles Beach School sessions aim to build a love of the natural world whilst developing children's confidence, curiosity, ingenuity, adaptability and creativity.  Our philosophy builds children's thinking skills equipping children for their future.  Our sessions use stories, nature hunts, bird bingo, listening games and land art to help children tune into their environment with the majority of each 2 hour session being reserved for free play and exploration.
During summer 2019 Sandcastles Beach School is collaborating with researchers from Lancaster University who are aiming to engage our children and the wider community in a range of activities examining biodiversity.
In Jan 2018 The Times reported that "Children in Britain spend an average of just 16 minutes a day playing or exploring in parks and other open spaces".  Lets take action to make sure ourchildren don't suffer this statistic!

x Helen
David Attenborough: "No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced."