Government Funded attendance

Sandcastles is eligible to provide government Funded Early Years Education through 'Universal 3&4's', 'Working Parent 2,3,4's' and 'Golden Ticket 2's' entitlement.

Sandcastles offers places to children from their second birthday at which point most working families will be able to access funding. 

Low income families may also be able to access 2 year funded sessions via Lancashire's Golden tickets 0300 123 6712

All children are automatically allocated universal funding from the term after their 3rd birthday regardless of if they were not eligible for funding earlier.

To access 'Working parent 2 / 3 / 4 year old funded attendance' parents need to apply online at

We offer both stretched funding and term time only attendance options.

To ensure you have access to funding from your child’s first session it is essential that parents apply online and send us their eligibility code before term starts i.e. before 31 Aug, 20 Dec, 31 March.

The government funding does not finance consumable resources, extra curricular activities, snacks or enhanced staffing.  Our none core services and consumables fee of £1.17 per funded hour finances everything we provide above & beyond the EYFS statutory requirements.  Any additional sessions beyond your funded entitlement and meals at lunchtime (£3.12) will also be charged at our current rates. We offer a limited number of fee free Sandcastles Scholarship places which parents are welcome to discuss with us during your tour.

What to do ahead of September:

1) Contact us and book your tour where you will collect your registration pack.

2) Complete and return your child's registration form, requesting your preferred attendance and start month.

3) Check your eligiblity for funding and send us your funding details

4) Check your eligiblity for Tax Free Childcare

*Once you have a working family code you are required to log into your funding account and reconfirm your eligibility every 12 weeks if you fail to do this your access to funding will end.

We are now registering children to join Sandcastles in January 2025 and beyond, please get in touch to reserve your child's place. 

x Helen


Help with Childcare Costs 

Paying for childcare is a considerable expense for parents and it is vital that you are aware of all the help that is available. There are several options to consider, including the use of tax credits, employer childcare vouchers and your entitlement to free sessions under the Nursery Education Funding scheme for 3 and 4 year olds.