Government Funded attendance

Sandcastles is eligible to provide Funded Early Years Entitlement sessions,  starting the term after your child’s third* birthday. *Some children are eligible for funded attendance from their 2nd birthday.

We offer both universal (AKA 15 hours) and extended hours (AKA 30 hours) places.  We offer stretched funding providing funded sessions over 47.5 weeks, we also offer a limited number of term time only places.

To qualify for extended hours parents need to apply online and share their 11 digit funding eligibility code with nursery before term starts, i.e. before 31 Aug, 20 Dec, 31 March.

Our None Core Services fee for the year 2019/2020 is 65p per funded hour and funds, everything we provide above and beyond the statutory EYFS requirements.  

Any additional sessions and lunches will be charged at our current rates. 

What do parents need to do in preparation for Sept 2019?

During July 2019 please apply for your extended hours online at ready for funding to start in Sept. 

For your child to attend extended funding hours (AKA 30 hours) in autumn term you must submit your 11 digit funding code to Sandcastles by 10am Tuesday 27th Aug 2019 to allow for your code to be validated.  If this is not possible please speak to Helen to see if there is any way we can help you.


Fees (2-5 years)

July 2019 - Aug 2020

MORNING   [8:00-12:00]                    £ 20.00
Breakfast, snacks & drinks included
AFTERNOON   [1:00-4:00]                £ 15.00
Snacks & drinks included
DAY   [8:00-4:00]                                  £ 42.35
Breakfast, snacks, drinks & lunch included
LATE   [4:00-5:45]                                £  8.75
Snacks & drinks included
FULL WEEK                                       £200.00
8:00 - 5:45 Monday-Friday
Breakfast, snacks, drinks & lunches included

 Fees are calculated monthly and annualised to enable standing orders and voucher payments.

To assure your child’s continued place, we must ask you to pay by the 8th of each month. Late payments are subject to a £1 per day charge.

 Payments accepted: Cash, Online bank transfer, Employer Salary Sacrifice Schemes & Cheques. 


Help with Childcare Costs 

Paying for childcare is a considerable expense for parents and it is vital that you are aware of all the help that is available. There are several options to consider, including the use of tax credits, employer childcare vouchers and your entitlement to free sessions under the Nursery Education Funding scheme for 3 and 4 year olds.